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Quickly find your current facility and project information, by drawing location, using our patented GridLink technology.

Instant Information

Empower your team to instantly find up-to-date information, view documents, and work from any location.

Real Time Decisions

You don’t have time to go digging through drawings and documents; give your team the information they need to make a decision.

Maximum Efficiency

Instantly increase your speed, accuracy, and quality by giving your team the most up to date information and drawings at their fingertips.

Fasttac Is The Smart Choice

Fasttac reduces the time it takes to find information by 25%, increasing your efficiency and decreasing the number of mistakes made on the job.

Our Grid Is More Than A Name

Our patented grid organizes and stores information in an intuitive way, providing faster access to drawings, documents, and more

Use Any Drawing & Any File

Upload any drawing or any document, ensuring that you have all of your information in a single repository

Link To Anything

FastLink allows you to link points on your drawings to locations on other drawings, PDFs, Videos, notes, and more.

  • Sign Up

    It only takes minutes to sign up and create your first project.

  • Upload Your Drawings

    Upload your digital drawings and documents. They’re not digital already? No problem, just let us know and we can help!

  • Invite Your Team

    Add your team members so that they can login and start using Fasttac on any iPad or computer.

  • Start Saving

    After your team is up and running you can start benefiting from having instant access to information and real time communication!

Get Started In Minutes

Getting started with Fasttac is as simple as signing up and uploading your documents.

Our Customer Success team is available every step of the way to ensure that you get started quickly and that your team is able to benefit from the many great features of our product. We will help you get started, train your users, and help you create measurable goals that will allow you to compare your success with Fasttac against your current process.

Improve Your Communication and Collaboration

Improving communication between staff immediately, and positively, impacts the bottom line. That’s why we’ve designed Fasttac from the user’s point of view, creating an intuitive product that allows them to increase the speed and accuracy of their communications.

Staff to Staff

Bridge the communication gap between your workers and teams by allowing them to collaborate and communicate in real-time by recording changes, notes, adding documents and more.

Field to Office

No more waiting weeks for information or answers to an RFI. Fasttac allows you to create an RFI and view the results, all conveniently located in the same place as your drawings.





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