3 Project Management Solution to Boost Your Site’s Productivity

As a project manager or contractor, your profitability is directly tied to your productivity. According to McKinsey & Company, a research and business management consulting firm, the investment value in infrastructure projects worldwide will more than double from $6 trillion in 2012 to $13 trillion by the year 2030. The use of project coordination software, construction apps, and project document management software are just some of the tools that can aid your efforts to improve your bottom line.

There are at least three project management solutions to consider that will have a discernible impact on your site’s productivity. These solutions include tools designed to improve the planning, management, and organization of your projects, mobile-based apps and project document management software to manage the essential paperwork associated with your project.

Construction Project Coordination Software

Industry specific project management software is indispensable in the coordination of the elements related to the successful completion of your construction project. One important benefit of project coordination software is the streamlining of standardization of the processes related to construction. This allows others to quickly assess progress, move required processes and keep a client abreast of the work being done to complete the project on time and on or near budget.

Mobile-based Construction Apps

With more than half of Americans relying on a smartphone or tablet, according to a recent Pew Research Internet Project report, it is reasonable to assume that more and more construction sites also rely on mobile technology in order to complete required documents or management essential elements of the construction process. Mobile-based construction apps, therefore, are an important complement to the use of mobile technology for the management of your site project. Construction apps allow you, your supervisors and other site workers to effectively communicate with each other, provide real-time updates and status reports and cut down on the amount of time needed to transfer paper-based data into an electronic form in order to complete required documents.

Software for Project Document Management

The management of all of your construction related documents is easily accomplished through the use of project document management software. Project document management software allows you to upload the specifics of your project, link and index required documents and extract the required data from these documents to file oversight reports, manage timelines and determine productivity. This software, coupled with mobile construction apps and coordination software, gives you all of the tools you need to properly document, manage and complete your construction project.

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Why Go Digital with Your Facility Management

Everything is going digital these days, and digital facility management solutions are getting larger and more accessible every day. Digitized facility management is safer and more secure in many ways than traditional facility management solutions. Going digital with maintenance management software means everything from better asset tracking to improved employee management.

On-The-Go Updates at Your Fingertips

Since problems are solved and information is stored digitally, you have access to constant updates whenever and at the location where they’re needed most. Determining whether an employee is in today or there is an emergency maintenance issue at the other end of the facility, information must be instantly available to you. You don’t have to be confined to your offices to have access to your facility information, thereby freeing up more of your time for and permitting you to move about the facility to take care of more pressing matters and keeping an eye out for potential problems that may arise later. Modern building facility management is about having access to the most up-to-date resources available to accomplish much more in much less time.

Streamline Assignments and Productivity

Processes that used to be a chore are resolved in real time and are easier than ever to track. Tracking, assigning priority and monitoring maintenance requests becomes much easier. And that means ‘random requests’ that end up tying up staff can be taken out of the equation altogether. Your maintenance team can focus on the most pressing issues, and you can assign solutions more quickly than ever. Using modern facility management tools means that you can get more done in less time, more efficiently making use of your team.

Making the Most of Your Team’s Time

Since you’ll have access to everything from inventory control to asset management, you won’t have to delegate team time to make sure you have what you need and that you’re not suffering from potential losses. With digital facility management, reporting puts all of that power right at your fingertips. You can pull up reporting for every aspect of facility maintenance and get real-time data to use in making decisions as to how to delegate information – as well as create collaborative effort within your team and across departments. Work orders are a breeze to add from anywhere, meaning layers of bureaucracy are instantly eliminated.

If you’re new to digital facility management, there’s a whole new world available to you based around making your tasks easier, more efficient, and ultimately giving you more control as a facility manager. With everything from employee tracking to work order completion reporting, almost every aspect of modern facility management means that you know what’s going on as it’s happening, and you are in control of the situation. In the end, better control of your facility is what it’s all about, and switching to a digital solution makes it easier than ever.

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Keeping Your Construction Documents Under Control

Managing the various documents related to your construction project is important. These documents provide you with the written and graphical instructions you need to properly manage your project, meet timetables and stay in compliance with various local, state and federal building codes and requirements. Here is a look at the project document management process and the types of construction document management software you should consider as part of your project management.

What the Project Document Management Process Entails

The physical form of the building being constructed through the design placed in construction documents. The construction document is the heart and soul of the project being built. The success of your construction (or failure) lies in properly managed project documents.

Project document management refers to the process you use to keep the different documents related to your project under control. The construction documents that you use comprise the legal, procedural and development related information. A process of maintaining this information in an orderly manner advances the design process and allows required communications to take place among your different project stakeholders (i.e. subcontractors, inspectors, client, etc.).

The Importance of Construction Documents in the Building Process

Construction documents  are a vital and important part of the building process. Construction documents represent any and all required design changes that need to be implemented to maintain compliance with building codes. A system for managing these documents in a manner that is efficient and sensible only helps you when communicating changes or determining site progress. These drawings and documents communicate the correct building specifications that you need to implement during the building process. They are the direct input from the architect, showing their vision, innovative design and experience in ensuring that the building is inhabitable.

How Construction Document Management Software Aids Construction Project Management

One of the greatest benefits associated with construction document management software is how its use streamlines the necessary communications that take place at the construction site. Better communication is essential to increasing efficiency at the construction site and lower costs associated with building. With the use of construction document management software, you can ensure your team members are all on the same page without the need to check and verify the latest version by calling on other staff to validate the documents or possibly meet face-to-face. The possession of a simple internet enabled device, such as an iPad or tablet computer, makes communications easy to accomplish, in real-time.

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Construction Technology & Tools: Then & Now

Long ago the process of building something involved the creation of designs and blueprints, filing duplicate copies with the local building inspector and the maintenance of boxes or drawers full of invoices, work orders, change orders and other documentation. This way of doing things may have been adequate for many small builders but as more and more requirements for building design and safety came about, the need for a more efficient and better way of communicating information among construction project stakeholders became a necessity.

The changes that have taken place in construction through the availability of technology has allowed you to build better, safer buildings faster and at a lower cost than in the past. Here is a discussion of the evolution of the tools and technology used in construction and how the development of technology enables collaboration among building stakeholders (i.e. architects, designers, site managers and contractors).

The Evolution of Tools and Technology Used in Construction

The concept of project management became synonymous with construction management beginning in the 1950s. Larger contractors working on federal projects employed project management techniques in order to compete for large dollar projects. These techniques involve avoiding problems that may arise during the course of the project, establishing new techniques, achieving objectives in an efficient and fast manner and managing the complexities of group dynamics.

How Changes in Technology Enable Collaboration

The concept of project management has been defined for construction project management in terms of the following: requirements; forward thinking; communications and evaluation. The use of these concepts motivates those members of your team and allows group thinking toward the proper completion of the project. Communication allows construction project stakeholders to discuss required construction documents and ensure that all participants in the project are well informed and up-to-date on important requirements. Technology helps link all of the aspects of project management into a seamless flow, allowing changes and updates to be communicated quickly and efficiently through the use of everyday devices we all have access to in our daily lives.

Today’s Tools: Changing the Way Contractors and Site Managers Communicate

Tools that are available for you to consider as part of your construction management include apps designed for mobile devices such as the iPad or smartphones. In addition to apps, other tools that can provide you with the tools needed to complete your project on time and on budget include the use of USB flash drives to store information that can be easily used by multiple users on the job site, Dropbox, a file sharing facility that has project management capabilities built in, and construction documents (CDs) managed by construction document software. All of these solutions cause the users of the technology to be trained in their use and to manage most of their own data.  This can be a challenge for the majority of users and distract them from their primary job functions.  This must be overcome to permit these technologies to be adopted.  The advent of technology has ushered in a different way in which construction projects are completed and represent a catalyst for future of how buildings are built.  The savvy team understands that adopting the technology is absolutely necessary, it also understands that selecting the right technology for the team is absolutely essential for technology to be used effectively.

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