Fasttac Awarded the GSA Schedule

Fasttac, a tech company specializing in new construction technology, has been awarded the GSA Schedule. Fasttac CEO Ray Steeb believes this development will allow the company to reach more construction managers and architects looking for a better way to conduct maintenance management programs. According to Steeb, “Fasttac is pleased to make our product available through GSA.” The company’s products are aimed to increase the level of efficiency in the facility management and facility maintenance industry. “Making the purchase procurement process simpler for our prospective government clients,” says Steeb, “will help their facilities reach greater efficiency faster.”

Using a patented navigation system and specialized software, Fasttac allows users to organize facility and/or construction information in a way that makes it accessible. The company holds several patents that record and produce institutional knowledge faster than any other product in the construction software market.

Since 2006, Fasttac has been providing facilities with a solution for managing and organizing 2D construction drawings in a 3D grid. Fasttac’s navigation system makes it possible to move between trade drawings digitally. Construction drawings and other facility information can be viewed and recorded at any location, allowing any user to have access when they need it, where they need it. Their extensive software allows for an increase not only in production numbers but also an increase in rate of accuracy.

Fasttac’s team is dedicated to assisting federal companies looking for a better solution to an everyday problem without making drastic changes within the infrastructure of their companies. Fasttac’s products are designed for ease of use and implementation. With the recent awarding of the GSA Schedule, Fasttac will be available to help federal companies in the facility management and maintenance industry and construction companies to improve overall yield by promoting streamlined organization, navigation, and communication.

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About CEO Ray Steeb

Ray Steeb, President, CEO, and Founder of Fasttac, has been working with the company since its inception, when it began as a research project at Carnegie Mellon University. Ray is a veteran of the construction industry with over 30 years of experience, having been VP and GM of the Pittsburgh Office of Turner Construction Company and President of his own commercial construction and program management companies.

About Fasttac, Inc.

Fasttac was developed in 2006 to allow construction drawings to be digitally shared, updated, and distributed. Through the years, it has evolved to go beyond only working for new construction and is now also extensively used by facilities all over the world to maintain their buildings and equipment.

About Government Marketplace LLC

The road to securing federal government contracts can be a tough one. Our company will assist small business owners in creating a game plan to increase their contracting opportunities via registrations, proposal assistance, education, and networking.

Government Marketplace is a woman-owned small business of America. Government Marketplace has a team of highly trained consultants, technical writers, and customer service reps, whose mission is to provide their clients with proactive marketing strategies that help them present their products and services to the United States Government.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Fasttac, Inc.
Contact Person: Ray Steeb, Founder and CEO
Phone: 888-8-FASTTAC
Address:101 Brilliant Ave, Suite 250
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA 15215
Country: United States

3 Magazines Every Facility Manager Should Subscribe To

Remember magazines? The printed version of the internet? Yeah, they still exist, and they have some great content! It’s nice to be able to grab a magazine for a quick read during lunch or after a long day of work, and they can have some great tips and advice that will make you and your facility better! Don’t know what magazines to read? Don’t worry, the list below has our recommendations!

Facilities Manager by APPA
APPA’s publication of Facilities Manager is a great resource for… you guessed it, facilities managers! Facilities Manager brings the reader the views and experiences of the people behind the facilities operations. Articles are written by facilities professionals for facilities professionals, giving readers practical and big-picture perspectives on issues and challenges shared across the profession. Readers turn to Facilities Manager for the research, solutions, creative strategies, and best practices to inform and transform their work.

Cleaning & Maintenance Management
Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine, which was founded in 1963 and is the oldest title serving the industry. It is ranked first in its field in ad pages and circulation exceeds 33,000, which is one-third more than any other audited publication targeting this readership. See it online or in print!

Buildings Magazine
Buildings Magazine is focused “Smart Facility Management”. The magazine focuses a lot on “Smart” buildings, and as you know, we’re big proponents of using technology to be more efficient. See the magazine online or in print!


Don’t want to wait for your magazine to come in the mail? Check out our blog 6 Blogs Every Facility Manager Should Read to instantly see the latest and greatest in facility management!

Facilities Work Order Analysis Infographic

If it can be measured, it can be improved! That’s why we surveyed over 2,000 facilities – so that we could better understand how their work orders are happening. We’ve boiled down some of this information to share it with you in our new infographic! See it below or download it here.

The Five Ws (and one H) of Every Work Order

Who, What, Where, When, What and How! The Five Ws and one H. From elementary school we are told to ask these questions. When we step back and ask these questions about the work orders we’re completing for our facility it looks something like this:

WHO is the assigned technician?
WHAT is the technician to do?
WHEN will the technician do it?
WHERE are the shutoff valves?
WHY do the work?
HOW do you do the work?

Makes sense, right? We are so programmed to answer these questions that we naturally can answer these questions for everything we do in our facility.

Now let’s look at this from a different perspective: Your facility is completing hundreds of work orders every month, and to make sure that work is completed we utilize technology: your CMMS. Knowing that the CMMS is the backbone to every work order we complete, let’s look at these questions in terms of what does the CMMS actually assist with?

CMMS Question
YES WHO is the assigned technician?
YES WHAT is the technician to do?
YES WHEN will the technician do it?
NO WHERE are the shutoff valves?
YES WHY do the work?
NO HOW do you do the work?

CMMS systems do not provide you with the details of WHERE the equipment is or HOW to actually do the work. Basically, your CMMS system only helps you with 2/3rds of the work order, and those 2/3rds are actually the least time-consuming pieces of the work order. The WHERE and HOW are 85% of the time spent completing the work order.

We’re not saying that your CMMS isn’t valuable, it’s a very important cog in the wheel of facilities management, but it’s only one piece. The other cog, Fasttac, completes the process by helping with the Where and the How. Fasttac shows you where that shutoff valve is and gives you all of the information you need to complete the work order (exploded parts diagrams, O&M manuals, change history, etc.).

Let’s look at the Five Ws and one H when you have your CMMS and Fasttac working to help you complete your work orders:

Solution Question
CMMS WHO is the assigned technician?
CMMS WHAT is the technician to do?
CMMS WHEN will the technician do it?
FASTTAC WHERE are the shutoff valves?
CMMS WHY do the work?
FASTTAC HOW do you do the work?

There you have it – your CMMS + Fasttac is a full solution for your facility, working together to make sure you complete work orders more efficiently and more effectively!


Your CMMS just got a new best friend…

A CMMS is software that helps facility and maintenance teams keep a record of all assets they are responsible for, schedule and track maintenance tasks, and provide a paper trail of work they perform. This works great as a work order management system, but these systems only tell us what to do and when it has to be been done, it doesn’t help us to complete the task and the paper trail doesn’t capture and provide useable knowledge to complete future work orders. That’s where Fasttac comes in – we fill these holes, supercharging your CMMS to help your workers complete the work orders faster and smarter.

Fasttac + Your CMMS = Efficiency

Pairing Fasttac with your CMMS will allow to finish your work orders 25% faster.  Fasttac allows you to take all of the information you need to complete the job. Simply use your iPad or PC to instantly see information organized by location and trade. In a matter of seconds you’re able to view O&M manuals, hardware, exploded parts diagrams, warranty information, and more!

How Does Fasttac Work With CMMS Systems?

Your CMMS system will manage what you do and when,  Fasttac organizes and provides the information on how to do it to helps you actually complete the work order.

  • Add a link to Fasttac to your word orders to point to exactly what information is needed for the job (ex. O&M manuals, PM schedule, parts diagrams, etc.)
  • Link from Fasttac to previously completed work orders and record “institutional knowledge” notes for the next technician
  • Access other equipment and facility attributes that are present at the location  you are currently standing

How Do I Make It Work

Very easily. Fasttac’s robust feature set allows you to easily work between both systems. Fastlinks connect the work order to the location of the work, it provides direct access to required information including O&M manuals, exploded parts diagrams, equipment cut sheets, OEM part information, etc.and shortens the time it takes to complete that work order.  Additionally, the technician can add their knowledge of the specific installation to the database to assist future technicians to complete future work orders.