3 Ways Effective Facilities Management Software Can Build Your Bottom Line

Effective facilities management solutions for your business may be a way to not only cut costs but improve your company’s bottom line. Such solutions are used worldwide and provide companies with a way to better organize, schedule and manage maintenance tasks. Whether these solutions are local or cloud-based, facility management tools available to you represent a departure from the old way of meeting your ongoing maintenance needs.

Here are at least three ways that affect facilities management software can be a financial boon for your company. These include the cost savings derived from the use of work order management software, how facilities management solutions increase efficiency and reduce redundancies, and, how the use of facility management tools can lead to more productive employees.

  1. Cost Savings with Effective Facilities Management Software

In a 2014 Facility Management trend report published by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), a take away from a prior year’s conference was the promotion of those programs and activities that drive productivity and efficiency. Where most facility management professionals understand those specific business areas that they control in commercial spaces, such as the reduction of costs through energy auditing, the IFMA concluded that greater influence can be exerted over all aspects of the management of a facility. The use of available technologies, such as work order management software, can help you move beyond the implementation of myopic costs reduction strategies and toward more substantial cost savings techniques.

The bottom line for you comes by ways in which facilities management software provides measurable savings. Automated solutions contribute to increasing revenue, a decrease in costs associated with the management of properties, plants, and equipment (PPE), a decrease in the insurance costs needed to cover risks by coordinating monitoring activities and reducing safety breaches, and helping improve your shareholder’s values and stock price.

  1. Increase Efficiency

The use of facility management tools can allow you to be more efficient in the management of your facilities. Whether work is performed in a one or multiple facilities, a centralized software solution is your key in scheduling necessary maintenance work remotely, saving the time and cost associated with traveling between locations. This means your company’s facilities management team can be more efficient in performing their duties and contribute to your overall costs savings.

  1. More Productivity from Your Employees

Towers Watson, a global advisory firm, found that four in 10 employees felt highly engaged while nearly a quarter felt disengaged in its 2014 Global Workforce Study. The IFMA concluded that a direct relationship exists between facility operations and the satisfaction of your employees, through such activities as sustainability initiatives and building controls. Better lighting, cleaner facilities, improved air flow and quality means employees that are sick less and on the job more.

Facilities management solutions that you employ for your business can go along way of lowering the disengagement of your employees. The Towers Watson report went on to further claim that in those companies with effective sustainable engagement processes, which may be achieved through facilities management tools, employee engagement was at nearly three quarters (72%). A look at effective facilities management solutions for your company may be what is necessary for improvements in efficiency, productivity, and your bottom line.

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