4 Ways to Lessen Your Workload

As a facility manager, efficiency can be your greatest asset –given your plethora of responsibilities and immovable deadlines. One of the more robust ways of keeping up to speed with your day-to-day activities is through the use of maintenance management software. Successful implementation of work order management software sees huge returns on investment, as well as simply better results for your business overall. Follow along as we explore just a small sample of the ways facility managers are using work order management software to revolutionize their facility’s information and lessen their workload.

  1. Minimizing Delays

In any work order load, one of the biggest wrenches in any process is the lack of availability of essential parts. Not only can a work order management software suite make sure that parts are never unavailable during business hours, but it can also keep tabs on your general inventory. For example, if the manufacturer has come up with an upgrade, your software will notify you right away. Additionally, it can provide you with a well-ordered storehouse free from under-stocking and over-stocking – and the associated cost of either.

  1. Maintenance Management Software Helps You Prioritize

Sometimes, during an especially robust season, your business can get backed up – it’s one of the costs of being successful. Management software is exceptional at prioritizing your palette and ordering the most pressing matters first – while scheduling reasonable time slots for the others based on your set preferences. Schedule automation is one of the biggest time savers in this same vein, such that employees, outsourced work and contractors are juggled in an optimal fashion. The included analytics also helps you gauge employee performance and better streamline business goals.

  1. Keeping Track of Manufacturing Details

The breakdown of equipment represents another major contribution to inefficiency in business. Work order management software can drastically reduce the occurrence of emergency breakdowns by overseeing a regular maintenance schedule and ensuring that machines are working at maximum efficiency. This schedule includes everything from lubrication to calibration, which of course extends the operational lifetime of the equipment, as well. Just as importantly, a metric called the life-to-dollars date is accounted for, so you can decide at what point it’s more cost-effective to replace a machine than to keep repairing it.

  1. Keep Track of Labor Costs

Any labor-associated costs that you can think of, capable maintenance management software can handle them. Is overtime killing your budget? Simply use the software to make the workload and staffing levels more efficient to match expectations. And when you combine this ability with the priority tracking properties, the end result is a cost-saving optimization of your enterprise – without any compromise in efficiency. Indeed; businesses usually make more money, produce better product, and have a more streamlined operation once work order management software is implemented.

From ensuring the availability of the right parts when needed – well ahead of time, in fact – management software from FASTTAC can only be a boom to your business. It allows you to supply your employees with the critical information at the location where it is needed to efficiently complete work order tasks and support other crucial business operations. Production delays and losses will all but disappear, as overtime diminishes and your business becomes, effectively, a well-oiled machine. Request a demo of FASTTAC’s facility management software today, and discover how we can help your team stay on the same page.