Better Facility Management with Maintenance Management Software

Even with superior attention to detail, managing the maintenance within a large facility can be greatly improved with the use of facility management software. This software eliminates the need for a paper trail, and improves everything from organization to communication. Below are just a handful of ways in which maintenance management software can help to improve the maintenance and repair workflow within your building.

Managing Your Seasonal Checklists

You are sure to have seasonal checklists in place to stay on top of your preventative maintenance. While these checklists work, software will make your seasonal schedule easier to organize, update, and adhere to. Facility management software will send you reminders regarding upcoming maintenance deadlines, and even past due maintenance and repairs. Since some seasonal tasks are estimates dependent on factors such as weather or volume of business, the software makes it easy to update your seasonal checklist in real time.

Improved Communication Regarding Day-To-Day Operations

Facility management software is a solution that will help to improve communication-related to your day-to-day operations. It allows you to create and assign tasks lists for your team, and allows you to quickly and easily view the progress of each maintenance concern. You can even access the software when you are offsite, and provide real-time updates to anyone on your team who has access to the software. And there’s no need for a traditional work station, since the software can be accessed on either a desktop or an iPad.

Long-Term Maintenance Management

Maintenance management software is not only beneficial for your current operations, but its in-depth reporting features allow you to identify patterns that play a vital role in creating your long-term maintenance management plan. This includes factors such as keeping an eye on the life cycle of tools and machinery, trends in both standard and seasonal inventory, and identifying when it is time for more efficient and effective maintenance solutions. These reports are also a precious resource to any new facility managers and team members that you bring on board.

Cost-Saving Benefits

Facility management software offers you many cost-saving benefits. For starters, more efficient and effective daily and seasonal operations will help to reduce the likelihood of emergency repairs. The software can also be customized to identify risk factors that can lead to an increased need for maintenance. It will reduce the likelihood of human error that can lead to costly repairs, and you can turn to the software to search for areas of opportunity in your maintenance budget. The software will eliminate the need for paper orders, and will streamline your daily operations—meaning that more time can be invested performing your much-needed maintenance, instead of tracking and managing them.

Customized Reporting Features

As mentioned above, electronic facility management solutions allow you to create reports that are ideal for long-term projections and assessments—but the reports can also be customized for your weekly, monthly, and quarterly needs. This allows you to quickly identify any new patterns or trends within your facility.

Last but not least, maintenance management software is designed to be intuitive, and easy for you and your team to put in place. After only a few projects you and your team will have the hang of it.

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