Construction in the Cloud: How Cloud-Based Technology Keeps You Ahead

If you remember the days before cloud-based construction management software, FRI’s can be contentious. Often they can feel like a contract in and of themselves, adding numerous details that can feel like roadblocks instead of legitimate help on a project. Thanks to modern drawing management and markup software, however, all of this has changed. The nature of virtualization that can be done with modern cloud-based construction software can change what might have been a more adversarial relationship in the past to a constructive, helpful one now making Requests for Information not just a contractual necessity, but a useful guideline to improve visual representation before construction work begins or during specific changes.

The Power of the Cloud Reaches the Construction Industry

Construction management in the cloud is more than just project documentation software; there are ways to do everything from managing remote employees to sharing blueprints and schematics directly in the cloud for real-time communication with clients, vendors, contractors, and anyone else you need on the job. Whereas before the cloud, RFI’s might have felt like they were a sudden curve ball thrown into a project, now, with the ability for entities to communicate in the cloud, construction crews can work in real time to make sure that everything looks and works the way their clients want the first time.

Cloud construction software includes management software, which allows you to react to changes with your crews in real-time. Some software can help you accurately estimate increased cost for jobs, to make sure that it can be laid out clearly what’s needed to make sure the project is completed according to the customers’ wishes.

With this in mind, even the nature of the RFI itself may change as it becomes more a consultative tool than anything else. With construction work being handled in the cloud, project delays will eventually become a thing of the past as increased communication between everyone involved in project management becomes basically seamless. And that means fewer delays, fewer miscommunications, better integration of a project management team and ultimately a more efficiently completed final project.

How Cloud-Based Construction Management Software is Changing the Nature of Construction

With the advent of the cloud, the days of project management snafus are ultimately behind us. As cloud construction management has matured, companies are now better connected than ever and able to accomplish more remotely than was ever accomplished in dozens of meetings. The power of connectivity has changed everything in the construction industry, and this is a net positive for both builders and their clients. After all, with better communication and real-time access, companies will find that they can make the changes they need that will be successful for their businesses on the spot. More efficient construction naturally follows, and in the end, that’s the ultimate goal: to get construction completed on time, on budget, and with more satisfied clients overall.

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